Workshop on the state-space analysis

The workshop ended successfully. Thank you for your participation.


Workshop Program

April 8th

  • ♦ Liam Paninski (Columbia Univ)
         - Introduction to state space analysis
11:30-13:30 lunch
  • ♦ Shigeru Shinomoto (Kyoto Univ)
         - Alternative interpretations of a single spike train
  • ♦ Liam Paninski (Columbia Univ)
         - Generalized linear models for neural encoding, decoding, and
            optimal stimulus design
  • ♦ Izumi Ohzawa (Osaka Univ)
         - Approaches for simultaneous exploration of receptive fields of
            multiple visual neurons
  • ♦ Ken Nakae, Yukito Iba (Soken-Dai and ISM)
         - Bayesian estimation of phase response curves using replica
            exchange Monte Carlo

April 9th

  • ♦ Masaaki Sato (ATR)
         -  Noninvasive brain imaging and BMI
  • ♦ Kazuho Watanabe (NAIST)
         -  Local Variational Approximation and Spike Rate Estimation
  • ♦ Kensuke Arai, Emi Takakuta, Yoshikazu Isomura, Tomoki Fukai (RIKEN)
         - On the relationship between LFP and spikes: a generative, Hidden
            Markov model for the instantaneous spike rate of a neuron in the
            motor cortex
12:00-14:00 lunch
  • ♦ Liam Paninski (Columbia Univ)
         - A new look at state space analysis for neural data