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------ Application programs for analyzing data -------
HISTOGRAMS HMM Inference Estimating Connectivity Exo- and Endo-factors
For a given data, we provide the best histogram, kernel density estimation, Bayesian estimator, and Hidden Markov model. We developed an analytical method of inferring the location of an animal from the neuronal signals, using the Hidden Markov Model (HMM). Analytical tools for estimating synaptic connections from recorded spike trains. We have developed two methods: CoNNECT and GLMCC. A method for estimating exogenous changes and endogenous self-exciation mechanism from a single series of events.

------ AI toy programs for your amusement ------
 The more we are making.
Janken Machine Inferring Coins Choral Proficiency  
Fight against our AI machine that predicts your rock-paper-scissors hand from slight biases you have exhibited in your previous hands. We devised a Bayesian machine for inferring the type of a coin from the colliding sounds. Drop a coin and test if it works. /under construction/ Sing Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, and Do, after piano sounds. The machine evaluates your choral proficiency from the voice. /under construction/ Shigeru Shinomoto
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