SULAB: Rate estimation using a two-state hidden Markov model

[version 1.6 Nov. 10th, 2017] This program was created by Yasuhiro Mochizuki in collaboration with Shigeru Shinomoto.

[Web Application]

1. Copy-and-paste spike times.  
     • List your data in increasing order and in unit of second.
     • A comma or a space can be used as the delimiter.

2. Estimate an underlying rate by the hidden Markov model.  

3. Output the rate estimation to a data sheet.  

[1] Mochizuki Y. and Shinomoto S. (2013). Analog and digital codes in the brain. arXiv:1311.4035
[2] see also
MIT Technology Review.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for improving the programs, please contact Shigeru Shinomoto who conducts these studies.