Workshop on cortical dynamics: from the architecture to functions

--- The workshop ended successfully. Thank you for your participation. Pictures are below.---

Workshop program
Feb 26th (Wednesday)
  • ♦ --- opening remark ---
  • ♦ Shintaro Funahashi (Kyoto University) Functions of reciprocal connections between prefrontal cortex and thalamic mediodorsal nucleus in spatial working memory.
  • ♦ David Hansel (CNRS) The balanced state: the standard model and beyond.
  • ♦ Melodie Durnez (CNRS) TBA
12:30-14:00 lunch
  • ♦ Hiroyuki Ito (Kyoto Sangyo University) What spontaneous activities tell us about the cortex? - a review from non-linear science perspective.
  • ♦ Satoshi Nishida (Kyoto University) Dynamic switching of target-location signaling in activity of macaque lateral intraparietal neurons during delayed-response visual search.
  • ♦ Akio Tanaka (Kyoto University) Persistent activity of prefrontal neurons serves as a source of confidence in short-term memory.
15:30-16:00 break
  • ♦ Yasuhiro Mochizuki (Kyoto University) TBA.
  • ♦ Andrea Benucci (RIKEN BSI) The balance between stimulus- and network-driven dynamics in the primary visual cortex.
  • --- discussion ---
18:00- dinner

Feb 27th (Thursday)

  • ♦ Keiji Miura (Tohoku University) and Takaaki Aoki (Kagawa University) Hodge-Kodaira Decomposition of Evolving Neural Networks.
  • ♦ Takashi Shinozaki (NICT) Weak inhibition effectively synchronizes neural population with spontaneous firing.
  • ♦ Tomokatsu Onaga (Kyoto University) Bursting transition in a self-exciting point process.
  • ♦ Shigeru Shinomoto (Kyoto University) and Ryota Kobayashi (National Institute of Informatics)Estimating Inputs from Neuronal Membrane Potential.
  • --- Closing remark ---
  • --- discussion & excursion ---



excursion to Nijo castle 2014/02/27