Workshop on statistical analysis of neurophysiological and clinical data

--- The workshop ended successfully. Thank you for your participation. Pictures are below.---

This workshop is cosponsored by Comprehensive Brain Science Network.
Workshop program
July 8th (Monday)
  • ♦Shigeru Shinomoto (Kyoto Univ) --- opening remark ---
  • ♦Aaron J. Suminski (Univ Chicago) Sensory Responses in the Motor Cortex and their implications for Brain-Machine Interfaces
  • ♦Liqing Zhang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) BCI-Based Active Motor Functional Rehabilitation and Neurofeedback
  • ♦Justin Dauwels (NTU) Towards patient-specific models of absence seizures
12:15-14:00 lunch
  • ♦Zhe Chen (MIT) Uncovering rat hippocampal population codes: topological vs. topographic maps
  • ♦Milad Lankarany (Concordia Univ., RIKEN BSI) Model-based Bayesian Signal Processing; Applications to Hodgkin-Huxley Neuronal Model
15:30-16:00 coffee break
16:00-17:00 tutorial
  • ♦Nitish Thakor (Johns Hopkins Univ) Decoding Cortical Rhythms for Neural Prosthesis: from Spikes to ECoG
18:00- dinner

July 9th (Tuesday)

  • ♦Chiaki Kobayashi, Norio Matsuki, Yuji Ikegaya (Univ Tokyo) Dendritic filtration of presynaptic cell assemblies
  • ♦Hideaki Shimazaki (RIKEN) Higher-order interactions in population activity of hippocampal CA3 neurons
11:00-13:00 lunch
  • ♦Zenas C. Chao (RIKEN) Mining latent spatio-spectro-temporal dynamics of causal information flows in cortical networks
  • ♦Shamim Nemati (Harvard Univ) Outcome-Discriminative Learning in Switching Linear Dynamical Systems: Applications to Neural Decoding
  • --- discussion ---
  • ♦Zhe Chen (MIT) --- Closing remark ---