Workshop on statistical aspects of neural coding

The workshop ended successfully. Thank you for your participation.

This workshop is cosponsored by a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Mesoscopic neurocircuitry: towards understanding of the functional and structural basis of brain information processing, and partly supported by the Global COE Program "The Next Generation of Physics, Spun from Universality and Emergence."
Workshop program
Nov 1st (Thursday) at Kyoto University
10:30-11:30 Workshop chair: Shinomoto
  • ♦Shigeru Shinomoto --- opening remark ---
  • ♦Ryota Kobayashi (Ritsumeikan University) Modeling a voltage trace recorded from a neuron.
  • ♦Hideaki Shimazaki (RIKEN) Joint inactivation statistics of population spiking activities.
11:30-13:30 lunch
13:30-14:20 Tutorial --- GCOE seminar ---
  • ♦Petr Lansky (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic) Stochastic differential equations and a review of their applications.
14:20-14:30 coffee break
14:30-15:50 Tutorials chair: Shinomoto
  • ♦Laura Sacerdote (Torino University) First passage times of stochastic processes through boundaries and their applications.
  • ♦Martin Nawrot (Freie Universitat Berlin) The Myth of Poissonian Spiking: Interval and Count Statistics in Biological Neurons.
15:50-16:00 coffee break
16:00-17:30 Workshop chair: Nishikawa
  • ♦Takashi Takekawa (RIKEN) Information representation analysis for spike trains of multiple neurons.
  • ♦Junko Inoue (Kyoto Koka Women's University) Diffusion model analysis of the response time in human's two-choice decision: An application to the Implicit Association Test in psychology.
  • ♦Hideaki Kim (Kyoto University) Estimaiton of time-varying inputs from non-Poisson spiking activity of a single neuron.

Nov 2nd (Friday) at Ritsumeikan University

09:30-11:30 Workshop chair: Kobayashi
  • ♦Petr Lansky (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic) Open problems and our recent results in computational neuroscience.
  • ♦Katsunori Kitano (Ritsumeikan University) Neuromodulator-dependent activity pattern change in basal ganglia networks.
  • ♦Hiroki Terashima (University of Tokyo) On the relationship between natural sound statistics and the auditory cortex: tonotopic map and pitch selectivity.
  • ♦Ken Nakae (Kyoto University) System identification of glia-neuron networks with calcium imaging data.
11:30-12:30 lunch
12:30-14:30 Workshop chair: Kitano
  • ♦Laura Sacerdote (Torino University) A copulas approach to the analysis of dependences between Interspike Intervals.
  • ♦Hang Yu (NTU) Modeling spatial extreme events by means of copulas.
  • ♦Hiroyuki Ito and Yoshiko Maruyama (Kyoto Sangyo University) Correlated spike count variabilities in visual cortex and their stimulus dependence.
  • ♦Martin Nawrot (Freie Universitat Berlin) Cellular adaptation suppresses variability and enforces sparseness of cortical responses.
  • ♦Ikuko Nishikawa --- Closing remark ---


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