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Professor Alex Reyes
Center for Neural Science, New York University


Title: Synchrony-dependent Propagation of Signals in In Vitro Neural Networks

The manner in which neural signals are represented in networks remains unclear. To examine experimentally how signals are processed, a multilayer feedforward network of neurons was reproduced in an in vitro slice preparation using a computer-driven iterative procedure. When constant and time-varying frequency inputs were delivered to the first layer of the network, the firing of neurons in successive layers became progressively more synchronous. Synchrony persisted under a wide range of network configurations, suggesting that synchrony is the default state of feedforward networks. The fact that synchrony is so robust raises the problem of how to limit its spread throughout cortex. However, we find that the spread of synchrony can be effectively confined by adding lateral inhibition. These data coupled with the fact that frequency information can be encoded by synchronous activity suggest that synchrony provides a viable means of transmitting signals in the central nervous system.







外山: “This is a sort of an unfair argument, I think.” “Anyway I do not agree.” 外山先生は日本語でも英語でもかみつき方はかわらんなあ.


Reyesさんの応答も堂に入ったもので “Ah, This is in my list of FAQ (Frequently Asked Question).


いろいろ議論の余地はありますが,Reyes さんの研究は,理論をinspire & stimulateするすばらしいものです.よい話をききました.