□□ ---Special lecture at the Physics Department of Kyoto University---

日時 1117日(月) AM 10:00 (Mon. Nov. 17, 2008)

担当 Professor Laszlo Barabasi, (Center for Complex Network Research, Northeastern University and Department of Medicine, Harvard University)

題目 Complex Networks: From the WWW to the cell

概要 Systems as diverse as the world wide web, Internet or the cell are described by highly interconnected networks with amazingly complex topology. Recent studies indicate that these complex networks are the result of self-organizing processes governed by simple but generic laws, resulting in architectural features that appear to be universal. My goal is to discuss the amazing order characterizing our interconnected work, and their implications to network behavior and robustness.

Date: Nov. 17th (Mon.) 10:00-11:30; Location: Inamori Lecture hall in the main building of Shiran-Kaikan

世話京都大学線形動力研究,篠本 滋 (Shigeru Shinomoto, Kyoto Univ.)

主催京都大学理学研究物理教室線形動力研究; 共催GCOEプログラム普遍創発性から紡ぐ世代物理



World Wide Webなどのネットワークのリンク構造スケールフリー性を見いだしたバラバシ教授NEC C&C Award表彰出席のため来日された機会に,京都大学にて講演を行っていただきました.